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Clinical Productivity Solutions

Working with clinical teams to deliver productive solutions

clinical solutions

The Issue

Trusts face unprecedented challenge to make productivity efficiencies and release savings whilst maintaining quality. Key to this is unlocking the productivity potential in the clinical workforce.

The Approach

Kingsgate and Dearden HR have a proven track record of delivering improved clinical productivity with significant cost out opportunities.

We believe that the joint approach between the two firms is unique in the marketplace and ensures that Trusts are able to derive the maximum benefit from our Clinical Productivity and HR expertise.

A combined taskforce from both Kingsgate and DeardenHR are deployed into your organisation to work with the clinical teams and management to develop a picture of each speciality and help the Trust work through any complex HR issues that may need to be addressed as part of the review. We achieve this by:

Delivering robust demand and capacity mapping forming the basis of specialty job plans

Benchmarking and adjust productivity levels

Reviewing and revise Trust job planning policy

Supporting the future job planning process


Using our bespoke software and standard methodology we work with the Trust’s clinical teams and operational managers to undertake a deep dive into individual specialties, focusing on all DCC and SPA activity.

clinical solutions

This enables you to:

Define and agree productivity levels for each point of delivery (POD).

Agree demand levels by specialty and POD.

Determine the level of DCC required by specialty to meet demand and access and contractual targets.

Analyse the quantum and distribution of SPAs and reassess the requirement against agreed job planning policy.

Define the total PA requirement for each specialty analysed.

Assess and assist delivery of the productivity benefit.


This approach ensures that the clinical
teams have been involved from the outset
and helps ensure maximum buy in.


Clinical model to deliver contracted activity and access targets

Agreed productivity levels by specialty

Clarity of capacity requirements for each POD (outpatients, theatres, endoscopy). This enables the Trust to target resource allocation appropriately.

An embedded methodology to support annual business planning

Define the total PA requirement for each specialty analysed.

Transparent, evidence based job planning process.

Reduction Chart

Sustainability and Training

Trust super-users trained in demand and capacity methodology and MRM software

Job planning training for senior clinicians

Web based software platform with user support package

Ability to model changes to service configuration

Reduction Chart


Doncaster and Bassetlaw FT

We engaged Kingsgate and Dearden HR in 2016 to undertake a comprehensive clinical productivity review. Two exemplar specialities were supported through the process to final job planning implementation.

Using bespoke software and expert challenge the reviews covered all aspects of the consultant job role, both DCC and SPAs. The reviews included detailed analysis of elective theatre activity, identifying a 20 plus list out per week opportunity. In addition, new job planning guidance was developed and introduced.

The clinical productivity process matches capacity with the demand required to meet performance targets, maximises use of resources and supports service transformation. The output of the reviews delivered a cost out opportunity of over £1m across 12 specialities.

Kingsgate trained a number of super users and other staff, and continue to provide ongoing expert support, so we are able to embed and sustain the process with minimal external support.

Exemplar programme available:

Introductory price for

Review of two specialities or,

Trust-wide clinical productivity diagnostic

Access to bespoke MRM software

MRM Software

Initial review of Trust job planning policy

Benefits of our approach

Detailed Capacity and Demand analysis

Productivity improvements

Remodelled clinical workforce

Powerful planning tool

Clear, transparent job planning policy

Sustainable job planning solution

Cost out