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about us: our approach

We are straightforward
We pick up the pace and motivate people to clear, synchronised goals
Because we believe in a ‘no surprises’ ethos, we are trusted
In troubled or organisations difficult changes are inevitable and a core part of our service, but we undertake such changes with respect and efficiency
We change the drumbeat
We have a clear approach and focus on deliverables, We are methodical, disciplied and reliable
We do the tough things – in a fair and decent way
We take a no nonsense approach, with the know-how to build trust with a range of stakeholders
We do what we say we’ll do

First 30 Days

  • Change the drum beat:
    • Quick but thorough diagnostic of cost base and major cost drivers
    • Cost reduction plan with accountable leads
  • Get the right people in the delivery team
  • Allocate clear simple targets to the right people

First 90 Days

  • Focus and simplify:
    • Stop unnecessary processes
    • Agree a small number of plans
    • Focus around immediate goals
  • Make decisions fast
  • Deal with failure quickly and fairly
  • Find the ‘hidden heroes’
  • Repeated communication of simple consistent messages
  • Celebrate success