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What We Do : When To Use Us

When looking at new opportunities, we use a methodical approach to understand each situation. This is based on a collaborative assessment of the business, which is then matched to our client’s needs. There are many signs and symptoms of failure, so we diagnose troubled businesses or organisations against a spectrum of performance characteristics, ranging from the immediate to the long-term health of an enterprise.
We work with organisations that require an executive involvement in understanding and managing the following situations.

  • When cash is tight and customers are no longer getting what they want, we provide crisis stabilisation.
  • Key business processes have to work well in new or changing circumstances. These might be following an acquisition, in response to capital investment, adapting to a new operations strategy, or, in the public sector, changes to funding arrangements, key outcomes or sector design.
  • If costs have run out of control, or inventory needs to be reduced to free cash, or where debtors and creditors need close, full-time management, cash generation and expense reduction become the priority.
  • Management teams occasionally become an obstacle to progress or move beyond the control of investors – where new leadership is needed, we are able to provide solutions.
  • Where investment in products, functions or services is not achieving the expected productivity, we can work to make systems, structures and resources more effective and efficient.
  • When the priorities of investors, creditors, lenders, customers and staff compete with one another, clear and timely stakeholder management is key.
  • We can assist with sharper strategic focus to understand the products, segments and subsidiaries generate cash and profits – or, in the public sector, those that make the most impact for public value.
  • Where organisational change needs to be made, we are able to work with staff and Trades Unions/Works Councils, rebuild management teams and instigate culture change in failing organisations. Job losses are often inevitable: we aim to do it well, with both efficiency and respect.
  • If financial restructuring is required, we have experience of raising capital, refinancing, acquiring and selling businesses.